Transcribing = Nightmare No More

I was thinking about my recent post related to editing and I felt the need to share something that has revolutionized my workflow. I purposely left this out of tuesday’s post so I could spend a little more time on the “how-to” section of this one.

Transcribing your footage is a HUGE time saver when you start building out your timeline, but lets be honest – who likes to transcribe? The solution to this problem is to send it away and have someone else do it. Unfortunately for a lot of us, we often don’t have the budget to do this; therefore, we slave for hours pulling out our hair.

Don’t fret. I have discovered a new way of transcribing footage in Final Cut.  Here we go.

Markers – Final Cut allows you to set markers on your timeline. A marker lets you to make notes directly on your video footage.

1. To begin the transcription process, “mark” your footage. In your browser, double click the video file. It will appear in your slug window.

2. Advance the playhead to the portion you’d like to transcribe. Allow the video to play. When you want to begin transcribing – stop the playhead and press “M” twice. A window will appear with options to “mark” your footage.

3. In the name section, write your transcription and press “Ok.” You will see it appear superimposed on the footage.

4. Continue through the rest of your clips marking your transcription. You will see your marks appear in the browser as shown in the photo.

5. After you have finished marking your clips, create a new sequence, select all your clips, and add them to the sequence.

6. Next, select the entire sequence followed by File >Export >Markers List as Text > save the .txt file. The text file will look pretty messy as is.

7. The trick is to open the .txt file in excel. The information will automatically be separated into appropriate columns.

8. Reformat as desired, print, and you’re done.

This transcription process may seem pretty detailed, but after you get the hang of it you can really fly. The nice thing about this workflow is that you don’t have to manually write out the time code and clip name for each transcription. Final Cut handles that information for you.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.



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